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Climbing trees

Look who I happened to run across once again. That girl from the school. It seemed a little bit past her bedtime. I sometimes wonder myself it is going to be me who ages and eventually withers into death. Protean seems unlikely to do it, as he has the benefit of being a freaky metallic blob. So maybe it will be me who kills us both.

What a chilling thought...


Bloodsuckers 101

I'm serious. That kid's head looked like it was going to explode when I told him what I eat. I thought it would be a big deal, but not -such- a big deal! Anyhow, I gather that he's either gone now (I might have offended him or something. But oh well,  I don't want to get attached anyways), or he'll at least know that sometimes weird stuff comes with some peoples' mutations, and that maybe he should get over it.



I met a coyote today. It was really no big deal, though. With a little effort, I might have been able to train the coyote to become my loyal steed, but I figure the effort isn't worth it there. Besides, it seemed smarter than the average coyote. Or dumber. Or tamer. The one guy seemed to think it was a person or something. Even if it is, I figure if a person is going to pretend to be an animal, then I'll treat them like an animal. What's the problem with that?


Chinatown Fun

Ah, I ran into Cooper again today. And then I ran into Torque. Aha! As it turns out, the latter is a member of Magneto's Brotherhood. Isn't that funny?! I sure thought so. There was so much tension that I thought a fight was going to break out or something. Unfortunately, I neither had, nor could consume if I had it, popcorn with me. So I'm glad that no fighting started up.
Oh, those zany kids.


It's like something from a sci-fi movie.
And I don't have to pay admission.


Taking another walk in the park

Well, that was an interesting meeting. Not much more interesting than the average meeting, though, with the people who. His questions sure were getting invasive towards the end of that conversation. A Ms. Hollow indeed! Pshaw!

While I don't think he meant it derisively, I'm really not sure what to see in women. Or wait, I mean something entirely else. I don't see what women would see in me. If you peered into me, it would all be emptiness and air. That's because I have no /organs/. No matter how many times women (or men, depending on who you prefer talking to) might tell you, 'Oh, I can love a guy without a kidney,' she actually means, 'I can still love a guy with only one kidney,' not, 'Oh, boy, those guys without kidneys at all, not to mention lungs, liver or spleen, really turn me on. They're so super hot that it blows my mind right out of the side of my head'.

No. Way. Not that I mind. Even if someone fell in love with me, I wouldn't know what to /do/ with them.

No idea.


OOC bandwagon

Hollow: 0.

Stan: 10

Kalindi: 3.

Eyst: -1

Test is here: http://ponylandpress.nfshost.com/ms-test.html


More fadness

As good as my limited skills could get them:





Getting shot

What I love about having no organs is that no organs can't be shot. But I always forget that I don't actually have no organs. I have one. Skin. And it just so happens to be all of me.

So when I get shot, it really is more of a hassle than I always default back to thinking it is. Remind me, my many many fans, to smack myself if I ever want to face five people with guns ever again.

And yet I probably will.


Well, goody goody gumdrops. If it isn't one thing, it's another. And that seems to be the life of a superhero. I haven't come up with any results on my search for Hopper's attacker, and when I returned to the Morlock tunnels after one of my searches, who was there except, surprise surprise, someone who is nuts. Well, maybe not nuts. She seems to want to help us. But she's too militant, which is so not any of our style. I can't imagine Lucien or Chloe under that sort of a leader. Yugo will probably do fine. He's crazy as hell, in either case... Anyhow, the woman there, she wants to fight our leader to take leadership of the Morlocks, but nobody else seems to want her leadership right now. So the people who are going to be left to fight her are either me...

... Or Marcus. I don't like either options. She seems crazy enough to kill, and like almost all of my fellow Morlocks, he has organs that make killing a possibility. I don't. I hope he knows what he's getting into by volunteering... I don't want to fight her, but I'd rather do it than have anyone else. I'm just too hard to kill.

I need to talk to someone. I need advice on what to do...